Welcome to "Community 4 Kids" & the Umatilla Wraparound Project

This website has been created through the joint efforts of community service providers, local school districts and the InterMountain Education Service District.

System Development Goals

The following goals will serve to guide the multi-year development of a Wrap-Around Program and System of Care for Umatilla County.

Implementation of Integrated Social Service Model

The creation of a system of care which will provide coordinated and integrated social services that promote the health, safety, education, and general well-being of children/youth and families.

Therapeutic Classrooms

The creation of Therapeutic classrooms in order to address the needs of emotionally & behaviorally challenged students in Umatilla County. Trained staff will build upon the strengths of each child/ family in order to provide the least restrictive environment for the student.

School-Based Services/Transition Systems

County agencies will work with schools to create an expanded continuum of care within the school setting. Integration of care will include cross-training of staff to improve understanding of behavioral health and educational issues. This expanded continuum of care will be aimed at improving student behavior and academic achievement for at-risk students.

Pre-K to Kindergarten Intervention Program

An early childhood system of care will be developed to address the needs of at-risk students Birth to Kindergarten. Early screening and the creation of Service Coordination Plans (SCP) will be utilized to support service delivery.

Purpose of this site

The vision of this joint effort was to develop a user friendly web site where services provided in schools and the community could be easily accessed by anyone needing assistance finding the appropriate provider.

An effort has been made to streamline access to services, have information be current, have updates completed in a timely manner, and have sustained maintenance so that information is as accurate as possible.

We hope you find this site helpful in your endeavor to access services for all children in the Umatilla -Morrow county area.

If you are a school or organization and need information updated, please email us at comm4kids@imesd.k12.or.us