About Us

Umatilla Partners in Care is a group of agency people, school employees, parents and interested community members.  This group is working toward more effective and seamless services for children and adolescents in Umatilla County with complex behavioral needs. 

Our goal is to keep kids at home, in school and out of trouble. 


To deliver collaborative integrated services to Umatilla families and their children/youth with complex behavioral health needs who require targeted and intensive interventions.


  • The system of care will be child/youth guided and family driven with the needs of the child/youth and family driving the types and mix of services provided.
  • The system of care will be community based, with the focus of services and supports as well as management and decision-making responsibility resting at the community level.
  • The system of care will provide community support for each child/youth and family that honors the family’s sense of its culture.
  • The system of care will prioritize integration of care across child-servicing systems.
  • The system of care will support the child/youth and family’s connection to natural helping networks.
  • The system of care will provide services and supports that are oriented toward outcomes and driven by data that will be utilized to maximize the potential for recovery.
  • The system of care will ensure that individuals are treated respectfully, compassionately, and effectively in a manner that recognizes, affirms and values the worth of children, individuals, families, and communities – protecting and preserving the dignity of each.