Pyramid of Services

Image: Pyramid of ServicesTIER 1


On the Ground Actions

  • Parent Contact
  • Child Study Team including Sped personnel- School Level
  • Track Behavioral Referrals- School Level
  • Informal Behavior Modification Plan- insert form here
  • Consistent adult interaction (check in/check out)- School Level
  • Short Functional Behavioral Assessment - PDF From Springfield Public Schools
  • Formal meeting with parent, mental health professional, school staff to share FBA info- develop formal behavior plan here-   
  • Sign Wrap Around Release of Info
  • Parents informed of outside resources- CARE team


  • Behavior plan modified and intensified through team meetings (school, parent, mental health provider)
  • Child involved in individual or group therapy with school counselor/school psych
  • Parents informed of in-home service, respite care and support and therapy- Find local resources
  • Report is sent to Wrap Around Coordinator informing them of potential client- link to heads up form
  • Collect documentation (CST notes, referral logs, PBS notes, minutes from parent meetings, and Wrap Around release form)
  • Long form of Functional Behavioral Analysis done - PDF from Springfield Public Schools
  • Referral to WrapAround Coordinator made
  • Family strongly encouraged to attend parenting courses, family counseling - Find local resources
  • Community resources team gathers to modify and intensify behavior plan. 


  • Referral for ICTS (Intense Community Treatment Services) during Community Resource Team Meeting
  • If appropriate, child is seen by psychiatrist
  • Treatment plan developed/adjusted with medical and therapeutic recommendations
  • Long term care and treatment staff holds intake meeting in which behavior modification plan will be adjusted. Mental health and school team will be involved. School transition plan developed here as well.